Alzheimer’s & Dementia Counselling

Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias and other cognitive impairments can cause a unique stress upon families. For the adult children who are caring for their own children, working full time jobs, and juggling multiple tasks, taking on the role of caring for their aging parents can be uniquely challenging. You are the child yet an adult.

You may love your parents or have challenges in your relationship. How do you manage your emotions in this role? How do you provide care to someone who may have been abusive? Managing the myriad of emotions, challenges, and handling the many tasks for caring for aging parents can cause a stress unlike any other in life.

Man with Alzheimer's in Counselling Session

The task of taking on the role of caregiver for your aging parents can be uniquely challenging.

Lady suffering with Dementia with her Caregiver

Therapy can help manage the stress, work through the past challenges with the relationship, and grieve the losses that develop with a life limiting disease. Therapy can help provide new communication skills, provide solutions to navigate a chronic illness, and help in exploring the many emotions that will surface during these times.

With over 15 years experience working in a variety of settings with families, couples and persons living with dementia, I can provide the coaching needed to navigate this devastating illness and the complex health care system.